księgowość dla spółekReady-made companies are usually prepared to start your business at this instant. They have a bank account and books ready to start selling your products or services. Many of our clients asked us about bookkeeping services or referring an accountant for their newly acquired businesses. Our clients often decide to build a capital group in order to reduce their tax costs. Additionally, they want to manage their structure of income and expenses. Our consultants will help you out in choosing an accountant and the company that will perform bookkeeping audit.


We have our own trusted accountants which work with us for many years. We usually suggest our clients hire them as an accountant for their company. In case that you have a company in any of the EU countries, we have a network of accountants that we cooperate with. This allows us to offer you the most complete set of services.


Foreign companies beekeeping

Many people are interested in running a business with the help of a company registered outside of Poland. This type of services is also included in our offer. We can combine this service with setting up a bank account and virtual office. This allows us to control all the incoming and outgoing mail. A well-informed accountant will advise you how much money you should keep in order to pay taxes by the end of the year.

Representation in court and administration


In case that you enter a dispute with tax administration, we offer representation and advisory services. Representation includes lodging motions in the office and pleading in front of the administrative court. Our experience in this matter and a network of legal practices in Europe allows us to provide you with legal help in all EU countries.




Well-Runned books combined with regular tax payments allow you to avoid any additional payments or interests. Another cost that might arise ar the costs of administrative proceedings. We will take care that your books will be kept in order and in check with the local rules and regulations. This guarantees that your bookkeeping will be as inexpensive as possible. 


Guarantee of quality

Our accountants aim for the highest quality. Our goal is to provide you with bookkeeping service that allows you to forget about formalities and paperwork. This means that you can focus on what is important – your own business. Our clients portfolio is growing all the time due to our engagement and honesty. We have a very good history and references that prove our outstanding performance.

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