Foreign Companies

We offer incorporation and sale of companies in EU and outside. Many of our clients are interested in tax optimization by incorporating a company outside Poland in one of the EU countries or outside. The fastest and easiest way to achieve this is by incorporating or buying a company in such a country. We have a network of legal practices and accounting firms that we cooperate with. This gives us a unique opportunity to register a company in any country in the world.


Tax Optimization

Majority of companies that decide to move their residency usually do that because of benefits that offer different legal regimes. Most of the companies registered in tax heavens usually don’t pay or pay little taxes. Obviously, if a country of registration is considered as a country of unfair tax competition this complicates things. Polish tax offices will want you to pay the taxes they have lost due to unfair competition. It is crucial to verify if the country has a mutual tax agreement with Poland. This usually clears all the inaccuracies. Other countries also allow different treatment of costs and income of your company. A good example here is the Czech Republic offering a preferential tax rate to buy vehicles.


Anonymity of owners

In some cases, you might be interested in the anonymity of the owners or to hide their engagement in a business venture. These types of action are vastly limited in Poland because of the laws and regulations. In such a case it might be necessary to incorporate a company in other legal regimes. Another solution is signing a proxy holding agreement but it might not fit all the cases. One of the places that allow you to incorporate a company while hiding your id is the state of Delaware in the USA. This allows you to conceal the id of the owners and in some cases the members of the board.

Underneath we have a list of countries where you can register your company. In many cases, they allow you to obscure your identity or to have preferential tax rates.

Foreign companies locations:

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Lithuania
  3. Latvia
  4. Switzerland
  5. England
  6. Ireland
  7. Cyprus
  8. Malta
  9. Giblartar
  10. Costa Rica
  11. Georgia
  12. Luxembourg
  13. Lichtenstein
  14. Makau
  15. Monako
  16. Marshall Islands
  17. Man’s Islands
  18. Belize
  19. Anguilla
  20. Hong – Kong
  21. Delaware (USA)
  22. Anjouan
  23. Seychelles
  24. BVI
  25. Guernsey
  26. Cayman Islands
  27. Liban
  28. Nevada
  29. Panama
  30. San Marino
  31. Wyoming
  32. Cook Islands
  33. Vanuatu
  34. United Arab Emirates