Incorporation of Companies

sprzedaż spółki - zakładanie spółekWe offer incorporation of companies in Poland and outside its borders. A company incorporated from scratch guarantees that are will have no liabilities and legal obligations. This might create a suboptimal legal and financial situation for your business in the future. A clean company offers you protection from potential creditors and allow you to start your business really quick. In case of a ready-made company that already has required licenses the time to start your business is reduced to 24 hours. This is a huge benefit because acquiring a license usually takes a lot of time because of administrative proceedings. 


Legal constructions

Legal constructions allow you to limit the liability of the owners and members of the board. A typical solution is combining a limited liability company with a limited partnership. The general partner of a limited partnership is the limited liability company which limits the liability of anybody involved in this business. Such structure is popular and widely accepted by public administration and tax offices. This allows you to perform transactions between the two entities and create tax benefits.


Capital Groups

Capital groups allow performing tax optimization. By distribution of income and costs among the member companies of the capital group entrepreneur limits the amount of taxes to be paid to the tax office. By limiting the tax base and the tax due by the group you can accumulate capital in a quicker manner.


Partnerships and capital companies

We offer incorporation of companies in Poland both partners ships and capital companies.

In case of partnerships we have:

  • general partnership,
  • civil partnership,
  • partnership,
  • general and stock partnership,

We offer consulting services by preparing the company agreement and the company’s statute. This allows for meticulous regulation of partners and their obligation toward each other and the company. This also defines the obligations of the members of the board and the way the company is being managed. Due to our experience, you have the certainty that in case of unusual conditions your legal status and situation will be unbeneficial.

In case of capital partnerships we offer:

  • limited liability company (LTD),
  • stock company,
  • general-stock partnership,

We can advise you how to pay the share capital and how to settle asset contribution. You can precisely set how the shares should be paid. In the case of asset contribution, we will help you in estimating it’s value.