Ready-Made Companies

Ready-Made Companies is an organization unifying businesses that trade Limited Liability Companies in Poland. We offer such services as:

  • sale of limited liability companies and other,
  • incorporation of limited liability companies,
  • trading companies that have revenue and financial history,
  • incorporation and sale of companies prepared for EU grants,
  • incorporation and sale of companies prepared for loans and leasing,
  • sale of companies with licenses (oil trade, domestic and international transport etc.),
  • auditing of companies for our clients – revision of debts and liabilities,
  • incorporation and sale of companies in EU and outside,
  • legal help in receiving a license to conduct business outside Poland,
  • sale, trade, and incorporation of international companies,
  • legal services for companies both in Poland and outside,

gotowe spółki - sprzedaż spółek, wieżowiec, biznes, działalność gospodarcza

Sale of companies – Ready-Made Companies

We specialize in sales of limited liability companies. We offer our clients a wide range of services both in Poland and outside. Our goal is to guarantee our clients access to companies allowing them to run a business in Poland instantly after buying their shares. We audit all of our companies to make sure they have no debts and liabilities towards third parties and Tax administration. Our number one goal is the safety of transaction and protection of private assets of our clients. Many years of our experience allows us to guarantee financial and legal security for everyone involved in the transaction.


Business activity in EU – Ready-made Companies

sprzedaż spółki krok po krokuOur other services include legal help in starting a business outside of Poland. Many of entrepreneurs decide to start a business in the EU because of taxation and legal issues that fit their type of business. We offer many services in this scope: legal, tax, proxy holding etc. – all to enable you to start your business as quick as possible. This includes incorporation of a company or selling a company and acquiring all needed licenses. We also offer set up a virtual office,  bank accounts, and bookkeeping in order to allow you full control over your enterprise. Ready-made companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany.

Tax advisory 

Many companies decide to transform their company or buying a ready-made company because of tax benefits. We offer tax advisory services allowing optimization of taxes and rising your business profitability. Our tax services can be combined with the company’s audit and verification of their bookkeeping. Depending on the location of the company we can offer to structure a capital group. This will reduce costs and optimize the cash flow between entities involved in it. Ready-made companies allow you to create a capital structure with your current business. They allow you to save money.

Bookkeeping services

optymalizacja podatkowa

Because of a huge number of inquiries our offer also includes bookkeeping services. Combining this service with the acquisition of a ready-made company is geared towards limiting your expenses. This usually makes the company more profitable. Good understanding of financial and tax law allows us to offer the most optimal tax structure. This results in faster capital accumulation.