Sale of a company

sprzedaż gotowej spółki

We offer the sale of ready-made companies allowing you to immediately start a business without any unnecessary formalities. The only formalities included in the transaction is acquiring the shares. This transaction is notarized. The whole process takes up to 24 hours. This is very beneficial for the buyer. He can acquire all the licenses and a company with a financial history. This makes it easier to get a loan or an EU grant. Banks and other institutions look favorably in case that the entrepreneur has a history of conduct. If he can prove a certain level of revenue, profits, and sources of the income.


Companies for EU grants

A lot of grants offered by the EU administration requires you to meet certain criteria. Such criteria can be the scope of business, having a financial history and profits from previous years. Another criterion can be the location of the company’s headquarters. In case that you need a certain grant and we do not meet the criteria, buying a ready-made company can be the only solution.


Companies for a loan of leasing

sprzedaż spółki pod kredyt

Receiving a loan or other type of bank financing is very difficult. The ability to present revenue and profits from previous years is very beneficial for the credit rating. If the company in previous years has used financial products and services and can present regular payments this work in your advantage. This also signals the ability to pay loan installments.





Legal and financial audit

In case that the company had previous owners and was running a business we always perform a financial and legal audit. We check if the company has any tax obligations or any liabilities to third parties. This is to protect the buyers from any creditors fo the company. If we acquire a company on our own we make sure that the seller secures the transaction. Due to this, we avoid any legal or financial risk for our clients.