Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory – this service is an integral part of buying a company. Many entrepreneurs decide to apply tax optimization in order to reduce the costs of running their business. Our experience and access to companies with previous losses allow us to reduce your future CIT (Company Income Tax) payments. Most of our clients decide to build a capital group based on previously created companies that reported losses in previous years.

podatki i doradztwo podatkowe

Tax Audit

Obviously, we do not limit ourselves to capital groups based on companies that previously reported losses. We also offer tax advisory combined with bookkeeping audit. In many cases, all you need to do is to start a business in one of the EU countries in order to fall into another legal regime. It also allows you to reduce the amount of taxes. This can happen by either different tax rate or by limiting the tax base.

Different tax regimes in different EU countries have a diverse understanding of such concepts as amortization, expenses. losses or income. They also differ vastly in the tax tares applied to your earnings. In some countries, some types of income are completely relief from taxation. In other they fall under a lower VAT tax rate. This allows you to apply tax solutions that are impossible in Poland.

Tax stability

doradztwo i optymalizacja podatkowaAnother reason why entrepreneurs decide to change their tax residency is the ease of tax settlement. A good example is Malta that has a very good legislation in terms of cryptocurrency trade. This allows our clients to have legal protection and easily estimate the taxes that they will have to pay in advance. Many of our clients prefer stable tax regulations over lower tax rates.